About OpenIQ

OpenIQ is an ICT strategic consultancy that has a unique approach in working with Medium to large Enterprises to achieve operational best practice, efficiency and competitive advantage through technology innovation.

The key to effective Information Technology and Information Systems is to have strategic direction coupled with knowledge and leadership to deliver the strategy.

Our Mission

To achieve tangible outcomes aligned to the aspirational view of technology services our clients demand but infrequently attain.

Knowledge I Innovation I Best Practice

With over 20 years combined experience in consulting to SMEs and large Enterprise organisations working on both "sides of the fence"; OpenIQ are in a unique position to ensure that not only once a vision is crystallised that we are also there to ensure delivery over the long term. Achieving operational excellence and innovation that positively impact all facets of our clients business processes is core to our mission.

Shad Mortazavi, Managing Director at OpenIQ, is a technologist with over 20 years experience in ICT consulting. He has worked in the UK, the US and Australia as director of a global IT outsource provider Nexus Management, focused on client consulting, needs analysis, research, systems consultancy and systems design. In addition, he heads workplace technology consulting at WorkSpaceLogic and is responsible for the delivery of its workplace consultancy tools.