Brief - IT!

OpenIQ and Work.Space.Logic have been working together to develop new software to power automated workplace strategic planning. One such tool is the Brief-IT! briefing and space forecasting tool.

It is a web driven portal which stores and then processes information about spaces and functions in the development of a project brief. Data is input via a web-based survey interface that can be activated either by the project team, external project consultants or by user departments, with each cohort being provided with individual logins. The input software uses non-linear surveys to intelligently gather information and input surveys can be saved at any given stage and recalled for completion at a later time.

Upon completion the input surveys create a Master Database. The Master Database can then be used to generate space forecasts with a scenario modeling capability to test different project space strategies. In addition to the space forecasting capability, the tool also generates Room Data Sheets that can be edited on line.

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