Virtual CIO

The key to effective Information Technology and Information Systems is to have strategic direction and the knowledge and leadership to deliver the strategy. The Virtual CIO service allows our clients to have access to the resources without taking on the cost of a full-time role.

In this role the OpenIQ consultant will take the time to understand your business requirements and then work with you to see which technology tools can be used to aid your business. This role can be used in conjunction with your management team to inform the business on the progress of its ICT.

Importantly, it frees up your management team to focus on running the business, knowing that your Information and Communication infrastructure is running effectively and receiving the attention that it is required.

There are core two elements to our approach:

  • Getting IT operations working efficiently
  • Ensuring Innovation and competitive advantage is delivered to the business, in essence the IT to IS Journey

Attaining both of these elements is what many organisations struggle to actualise and where OpenIQ's services are of greatest value.

Engagement Methodology

Our consulting service offerings differ from the traditional providers whereby Open IQ do not just offer advice then 'walk away'. Through the Virtual CIO engagement we have a sustained commitment in ensuring the vision and strategy is actually delivered over the short, mid and long term.

Focus on core business activities

As part of this service we will work with you to setup monthly progress reports and internal communications to ensure the business is fully aware and engaged in the ICT process.

The role will also focus on effective ICT communications to your staff to ensure that your ICT strategy has effective change control.

In addition, the service can be used in conjunction with your existing ICT team to mentor your existing team and to work with your team in meeting your ICT aspirations. During the process your ICT team will become service-focused and be given key tools to help them organise and manage both their daily routines and projects.

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