ICT Strategic Advisory Services

OpenIQ's consultancy services allow our clients to leverage a wealth of over 25 years of industry experience to achieve business outcomes that not only deliver a superior ROI through ICT operational efficiency; but innovation that delivers competitive advantage in your market segment.

If you have challenges such as:

  • IT is seen as an impediment to the business rather than an asset
  • Your focus is on IT than on Information Systems (IS). IS provides business with a competitive advantage
  • Lack of confidence that the strategy adopted is aligned to the business
  • ICT expenditure is often unpredictable
  • ICT services are reactive, not proactive
  • Have a need to benchmark ICT staff against industry best practice
  • Expensive overrun's on projects either delivered late or substantially over budget
  • Change Management challenges
  • Responsibility to reduce costs
  • 3rd party value assessment of proposed Capex/Opex
  • Post project ROI analysis

Then it's time to find out how OpenIQ can make positive changes to your business.

How can engaging OpenIQ provide an Return on Investment (ROI) to your business?

Below are a few examples of how OpenIQ ensures that an investment with us is a good investment for your business.

  • We mitigate risk and potential bad investments by using a neutral third party opinion on a proposed technology investment
  • We obtain access to a panel of qualified, experienced CIO's who conduct peer review and sign-off of all strategies ensuring a best practice approach
  • We validate and ensure value for money from vendors
  • We define how to achieve operational efficiency
  • We have experienced CIOs allowing us to utilise the CIO function without you taking on the cost of a full-time resource
  • We access experienced business personnel with an in-depth understanding of the risks and challenges inherent in IT projects
  • We leverage our knowledge of vendors and the channel to negotiate as 'best value for money' scenario

For more information on OpenIQ consulting, contact us today. Or to view our specific consultancy roles, please follow the desired link Virtual CIO, Workplace Consultancy, Cloud Consulting.