Unified Recording (UR) - call recording software

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Unified Recording is an eco system of technologies which work together to provide best in class call recording , screen capture and agent evaluation. Scalability, stability and flexibility are at the heart of the product set.

Unified Recording has been build from the ground up in consultation with customers, leading voice and data technologists and a number of solution vendors to solve current and future call recording requirements.

The products are designed to work with legacy (E1/T1/PRI ISDN, Radio and analogue systems). The technical group at Unified Recording have also built a best in class VoIP SIP recording engine. Most recently we are proud to announce the addition of Mobile Call recording for the Android Platform.

Unified Recording is built on a modular approach using proven technologies, which is the reason the product has proven to be Scalable, reliable and flexible. This approach allows the produce to scale from 2 users all the way to multiple thousands of users, residing in multiple location on an enterprise network. Best of all in the enterprise model, Unified Recording can be configured to provide a single repository and interface for all calls.


Unified Recording is built to work in an environment with a mixture of technologies making the system flexible whilst ensuring that your investment is future proofed. .

UR features at a glance

  • Government-grade (AES 256) secure call archiving.
  • Fully auditable call recording
  • Synchronised screen capture.
  • Deep analytics for workforce optimisation.
  • Call agent monitoring.
  • Integrated contact manager.
  • Links with most modern CRM systems.
  • Exports marketing campaign statistics.
  • Works with VOIP and traditional PABX.
  • Rack-mounted appliance-grade server.
  • Fault-tolerant storage system.
  • Scalable from 1 to 120 channels and up to 4TB of storage.
  • Leverage your existing storage infrastructure.
  • Access reports and charts from your web browser.
  • Built-in call review and search engine.
  • A budget-friendly price tag for small, medium and large call centres.

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