Unified Recording (UR) - call recording software

Record Your Call Centre On a GFC-friendly Budget. Unified Recording uses 90% less storage, has low ownership costs, includes richer features, and it's very dependable. Capture the voice calls and computer screens of your service agents, sales and marketing teams.

Meeting compliance
Corporate best practice and legislation mandate that you safeguard the privacy of your clients and conduct due diligence in retaining your data.

Rock-solid reliability
Each UR appliance is built to exacting standards using Australian engineered hardware and software. We built our first version back in 2004 to service a large, demanding call centre client. It's still running faultlessly today. Built for clients like you our UR range has been built from the ground up in collaboration with our customers and partners. Our Customers are delighted with their results and we enjoy supporting them.

Voice and screen capture
UR can be used in any environment requiring call recording and/or screen captures. Of course, you can choose which agents and which phone lines are monitored - and when and under what conditions.

Inbound or outbound
UR is equally at home in an inbound or outbound call centre. As long as you need to record calls for quality assurance, workforce optimisation and/or compliance - then UR is an ideal solution.

Who uses UR?
UR clients include local government, small businesses, call centres, public sector and enterprise - from not-for-profits to financial services firms.

Value for money
Our engineers have created sophisticated features that are only associated with much more expensive call logging platforms.

Call logging
As you'd expect, we provide high quality audio archiving for your voice calls. Each call is tagged with rich information such as agent, extension, time/date, duration plus any other data that you require.

The UR works with VoIP, Analogue, ISDN (PRI), T1 and E1 lines. That covers nearly every modern phone system.

Screen capture
Our SnapScreen technology ensures that agent PC activity is captured accurately and efficiently. Only those screens that change are archived. Screen captures are stored as a series of screenshots, which can be replayed as a movie. Furthermore, we use advanced image processing to maintain the optimum balance of quality and storage space.

Search and retrieve
We record rich data about every call, handset and agent. We include custom fields so your agents can collect additional information. Of which can be located using the built-in search engine.

Legacy PBX
We integrate with legacy PBXs to harvest Station Messaging Detail Record (SMDR) or Call Detail Record (CDR) data.

Every UR works with VoIP/ SIP based PBXs. As you know, VOIP allows call agents to work from home and yet enjoy the full benefits of a modern PBX - and UR is there to monitor quality and help you maintain compliance.

Modular scalability
The modular design of UR allows it to scale from a single user through to a large call centre or a distributed enterprise level organisation operating multiple sites in different geographical locations.

Encrypted privacy
UR uses banking-grade (AES-256) encryption to lock each and every recorded call and captured screen. All archived calls remain encrypted - the only time they are decrypted is during playback. The privacy of you and your clients is assured.

Archive lifecycle
Every calls is automatically recorded, furthermore as your calls age they can automatically migrate onto cheaper or backup storage - such as CD-ROM, DVD, USB drives or directly onto the corporate NAS (network attached storage).

UR features at a glance

  • Government-grade (AES 256) secure call archiving.
  • Fully auditable call recording
  • Synchronised screen capture.
  • Deep analytics for workforce optimisation.
  • Call agent monitoring.
  • Integrated contact manager.
  • Links with most modern CRM systems.
  • Exports marketing campaign statistics.
  • Works with VOIP and traditional PABX.
  • Rack-mounted appliance-grade server.
  • Fault-tolerant storage system.
  • Scalable from 1 to 120 channels and up to 4TB of storage.
  • Leverage your existing storage infrastructure.
  • Access reports and charts from your web browser.
  • Built-in call review and search engine.
  • A budget-friendly price tag for small, medium and large call centres.

For more information on UR call recording contact us today or visit the UR website